5-Day LBD Detox

"I lost 7lbs following the 5 Day LBD Detox plan and it was easier to follow than most because I had my weekends free' Fiona Jones, Liverpool (35)

Have you a birthday, wedding or night out planned where you want to look hot in that dress?

Maybe you want your body bikini ready for the summer?

Well I have the answer....designed for the girl with that busy lifestyle balancing kids, work and home....the 5 Day 'Little Black Dress' DETOX.  It is not hard or difficult to follow with strange ingredients.  

Simple nutritious food that is designed to ...

1. Help you Lose Weight
2. Naturally keep your Energy levels high
3. Kill 'bad food' Cravings
4. Increase Mood
5. Balance Hormones

The package includes:

5 Day Recipe Plan
Shopping List
Kitchen Essentials Guide
Further Detox Suggestions
Lifetime Online Membership

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25% OFF

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