My Nutritional Pal

Success Stories

Mark (35) Improved physical performance and lost body fat

I got in contact with Leigh for a number of reasons, the main one being to address my constant tiredness and lack of energy. Secondly as a keen cyclist there is lots of talk about ensuring the correct nutrition, but getting the proper facts can be hard at times.

A lot of foods I was consuming to aid with my cycling were actually the foods causing me harm. The thought of following this new way of eating was very daunting.

Christine (26) Severe Stomach Pain

I can't thank Leigh enough for the advice and direction she has given me. 4 weeks ago I was crippled with pain, constantly worrying about my weight and feeling really sluggish and tired all the time. Being told that I am yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar intolerant was a bit of a shock but now I am a different person and my body has transformed.

Maria (33), Severe Depression and IBS

I was recommended Leigh as a nutritionist from a friend. I first came to Leigh in October 1st 2014 and wow how she has changed my life for the ultimate best!

My first statement to Leigh was that I had a bad relationship with food because most of it hurt my lower left side which had left me in A&E on various occasions.  My liver that's what Leigh told me was hurting and not even a nurse or doctor told me this.

Annie (25 ) Lost 21lbs in 8 weeks

I had been carrying out various 'diets' for 12 years only to see the weight come back on and more.  After a great review from a friend about My Nutritional Pal, I decided to pay Leigh a visit.  Leigh gave me a food, plan, advice hints and tips and with half the year gone I haven't looked back.  Since then I don't see dieting as a chore - but a 'lifestyle'.  I did have teething problems at the beginning of the plan, but Leigh was on hand to advise me where I was going wrong and how to fix this, I have put it all into action and the results have been great !!!  I am feeling great and feeling

Margaret (33) Pregnant within two months!

I am a 33 year old woman with a very active lifestyle that has been trying for a baby for 3.5years when I visited Leigh and  got my personalised plan.  I also suffered from constipation and feeling generally unwell and unhealthy.

How long have you been following your personalised diet and treatment plan?

I visited Leigh in October 2013 and got pregnant in December 2013 so have not been following the plan the last two months due to morning sickness.  Aim to return to my plan in coming weeks as felt so much healthier on it.

Simon (38), Suffered from Acid Reflux

I’m a 39 year old male, I tried always to eat what I thought was healthy with the usual weekly trip for a takeaway as a treat. In work I would have had a lot of tea and coffee during my working day (10-20 cups). On the weekends I would have had beer, wine or vodka with a fizzy mixer. I tried to exercise when I could but I was always tired and no matter what exercise I tried I never really shifted any of the weight I was carrying.

Emma (28) IBS Sufferer cured!

I am a 28 year old female who has been dealing with IBS which was getting progressively worse. After a number of traditional tests and time with a dietitian I was none the wiser. I was unable to eat and go to work, where I could not always have access to a bathroom so I ate one meal a day which still often upset my system and snacked a lot. I had no energy, and was feeling generally down about the whole situation and the prospect of being this way for the rest of my life.